TransCalm Intelligent Road Hump Installed at Warfield Park

The TransCalm is an intelligent speed responsive bolt down road hump that alters its firmness based on the speed of the vehicle passing over the unit.

There are many advantages to the TransCalm over a traditional solid road hump. The TransCalm is almost entirely made from rubber meaning that there is significantly less chance of damage to vehicles driving over it. The rubber construction also means there are none of the vibrations associated with solid humps that can cause distress for residents living next to the installation. The TransCalm educates users by allowing compliant drivers to travel more smoothly, eradicating the need for the ‘stop-start’ driving styles associated with traditional humps. Last but not least, the TransCalm is a fully self-contained bolt down unit that can be installed in less than 90 minutes, and once installed needs minimal maintenance.

The Warfield Park estate is a spacious and well-established family site with a variety of luxurious residential park homes. Set in over 90 acres of beautiful woodland, offering its residents a peaceful and unique way of living, the park has almost 7.5 miles of roadway linking the 500+ residential properties. Warfield Park operates a speed limit of 15mph, enforced by 30 traditional solid road humps throughout the estate.

James Sumner, Business Operations Coordinator for Warfield Park Homes Ltd said:
“The safety of our residents and visitors is of paramount importance to us, and that’s why we operate a 15mph speed limit around the park. We’ve had solid road humps installed ever since we designed the road layout. They have been effective in enforcing the speed limit, but have not been without their failings.
We’re hoping for great things with the TransCalm, and will be monitoring it closely, and this could be the first of many installations for the park ”

“The TransCalm should benefit our residents in several ways, from increasing their awareness of speed on the park, to reducing any potential damage to their vehicles thanks to the rubber constructions and pneumatic operation of the device.”

The TransCalm was installed on Thursday 28th May under the guidance of David Franklin and Jonathan Brown, part of the TransCalm Team.

David Franklin commented: “The installation went really well! The unit took just over an hour and a half to install, that included deploying traffic management and training the park staff for future installations.”