The future proof traffic bollard

Reboundable - Retroreflective - Base Illuminated

Merlin Base Illuminated and Retroreflective Self Righting Bollard

Merlin Traffic Bollard

The Merlin has been designed specifically for local authorities as the future proof replacement for any existing damaged or inferior bollard.

The Merlin is compatible with all current LED or florescent baselights, whether it be from Mallatite's own range or any other manufacturer. When base lit the Merlin is fully compliant with all current regulations for illuminated signs.

  • High light output (Class L1) when used in conjunction with a base light.
  • Retro Reflective Self Righting Bollard when used without a base light.
  • Reliable bounce back performance, irrespective of the type of impact (side scrape, side swipe or front on) with no mechanical parts to fail.
  • Translucent fluorescent, retroreflective material used as standard for high visibility (Approved to BS8408).
  • Single or double sided options.
  • Compatible with any base light, socket or ground anchor.

Future proof solution

The Merlin is the ultimate solution for now and the future. The Merlin is constructed from a translucent polymer and can be internally illuminated, then if the location and regulations allow the site to be de-illuminated, power to the baselight is simply switched off and the Merlin is fully compliant and retroreflective. For applications not requiring illumination, the high profile Black Merlin RSRB
is the perfect solution, more conspicuous by day and retroreflective at night.

Passively safe:

The Merlin is a Self Righting Bollard (SRB), and has been tested in line with industry standards to ensure it will flex under impact, and then rebound to an upright position.
This minimises both the likelihood of injury or vehicle damage as well as the need to replace the bollard following an impact.

Base light conversion plate
Merlin universal traffic bollard

DimensionsMerlin Bollard Dimensions

Foundation Cage Installation Example

Merlin Bollard Foundation Cage