Signature have a full range of traffic bollard shells

Full range of RSRBs

Retro-Reflective Self-Righting Traffic Bollards

Signature's range of traffic bollards

Full range of base lit shells

Fully UK compliant traffic bollards


Traffic Bollards - Traditional Base Illuminated and Retroreflective Self Righting

The Mallatite (Signature) range of traffic bollards offer the effectiveness expected from using UV stabilised polymers with mould in graphics guarantee, together with industry standard compliance it means that we can supply bollards to suit all budgets without jeopardising quality.

Within the range we offer the most durable, effective and illumination control available which are best complimented when used in conjunction with our range of either standard PL or LED Base lights. We also have universal conversion plates that will enable our bollards to fit any industry standard base light, socket or foundation.

All our bollards conform to the prescribed luminance performance parameters asset out in the current British Standard BS873 and are UV stabilised to the relevant Kilo Langley.

Retroreflective Self Righting Traffic Bollards

Compatible with all industry standard base lights, sockets and foundations via our universal conversion fixings.


Industry standard RSRB

Solar DuraFlex

Industry standard RSRB with LED sign face


De-illumination Ready...
Transilluminated & Retroreflective.

Transilluminated Traffic Bollards

Compatible with all industry standard base lights, but best paired with our energy saving LED range.


Universal compatible illuminated bollard


Boasting a 600mm sign face, perfect for traffic islands