Jerol Composite Poles - The alternative to timber utility poles

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Non-conductive

  • Low maintenance

  • Lightweight

  • Up to 80yrs service life

  • Traditional installation method

What is a Jerol Composite Utility Pole ?

Jerol Pole DrawingThe Jerol composite pole consists of two layers; an inner fibre composite (GRP) and an outer layer of tough 3-4 mm coloured UV stable polyethylene (PE).

The core gives the pole its strength, which can be varied by increasing the thickness. The polyethylene offers high levels of UV protection and a tough outer layer enabling the pole to be safely climbed . This material combination makes this pole light and easy to install, yet strong enough to cope with the most demanding of loads. Also because the pole is hollow you have the option of routing cables internally.


The installation method of our composite pole is the same as a timber pole, which means existing crews can install the poles with minimal training and standard equipment. Swedish climbers can be used to ascend the pole safely.


The pole is manufactured in standard lengths up to 16 m. Taller poles up to 24 m can be produced to order.


The pole is significantly lighter than a timber pole, the weight of a 10 metre Medium pole is 213 kg, and a 12metre Stout pole weighs in at just 402 kg, about half the weight of the equivalent timber pole.


The diameter of the pole is very consistent, varying by only a few millimetres throughout its length, unlike timber poles that taper considerably.
Wall thickness
The wall thickness of 12-40 mm varies depending on the length and load requirements of the pole. The pole is strong enough to handle all current equipment.


No leaching of carcinogenic pollutants that can harm the environment.

Storing and waste handling

Our composite poles are non-toxic, so no special storage precautions are needed. The poles can be reused or cut into pieces and used as ground sockets or cable protection. Damaged pole pieces can be submitted to a recycling facility to be used as fuel.

Woodpecker damage on a timber utility pole

Jerol poles are woodpecker resistantJerol poles are woodpecker resistant

Jerol's Composite Distribution Poles are now officially approved for use in the Swedish utility network owned by Vattenfall

After an extremely thorough review of the Jerol Composite Distribution Pole's strength calculations and supervised validating tests, according to the European standard, the internal product council at Vattenfall now has officially approved the Jerol poles in their networks. (December 2014)