Better for the Environment

The environment should be one of the key considerations when choosing new or replacing existing distribution poles. This is where our composite pole comes in, as it is the perfect environmental solution. Our poles are non-toxic and a giant technological leap forward from when creosote impregnated timber poles were the only option.

Today, millions of creosote poles carry cable networks across farm land, forests, meadows and cities of every country. Creosote is extremely toxic and has powerful carcinogenic properties, which leach into land and water courses, causing environmental damage, not to mention the risk to the installation personnel. Our composite distribution pole, on the other hand, contains no such toxic elements.

  • A network with leak-proof poles for power and telecom networks sends a sincere message that you are environmentally focused and want to protect and conserve our natural landscapes.
  • As our distribution poles are non toxic, an environmental authority permit is not required for temporary or permanent storage.
  • The pole can be coated in a range of RAL colours to suit the surrounding or setting.
  • Our distribution pole does not contain any carcinogenic material meaning that it is far safer for the installation crew.

Jerol's Composite Distribution Poles are now officially approved for use in the Swedish utility network owned by Vattenfall

After an extremely thorough review of the Jerol Composite Distribution Pole's strength calculations and supervised validating tests, according to the European standard, the internal product council at Vattenfall now has officially approved the Jerol poles in their networks. (December 2014)