Consistent Quality - that's externally verified

Quality & Traceability

The Jerol composite pole is a completely man-made product, allowing full control of the manufacturing process and 100% consistency from one pole to the next. This is achieved by utilising the latest computerised production and quality management technology. Each and every pole that leaves the facility matches the specified dimensions perfectly.

Load testing

The pull tests that have been carried out on both Medium and Stout poles, prove that the overall pole strength exceeds the safe working load for single or double stays when using the Jerol Stay Wire Fixing Kit.
Results verified by extensive testing showed that the torsional strength of the Jerol composite pole, far exceeds that of the equivalent UK timber pole. This will provide enhanced safety in the event of ice build up, falling trees or conductors breaking due to high winds.


he poles are classified as non-conductive by STRI Sweden. In the full scale test the pole was subjected to 425 kV in dry conditions without leaking current. Another test was to apply 90 kV at 600 mm distance between the electrode and ground, without leaking currents exceeding more than the EU norm limit of 0,15 mA. The poles were also tested in wet (rainy) conditions and all values were within the EU norm limits.

Jerol's Composite Distribution Poles are now officially approved for use in the Swedish utility network owned by Vattenfall

After an extremely thorough review of the Jerol Composite Distribution Pole's strength calculations and supervised validating tests, according to the European standard, the internal product council at Vattenfall now has officially approved the Jerol poles in their networks. (December 2014)