Raise and Lower Lighting Columns

Accessible lighting columns

The Elevator "A" range is a base hinged fold down column which is raised and lowered by means of a detachable winch. The column can be root or flange mounted and can be assembled on site.

Base hinged lighting column

  • Can be installed in restricted areas.
  • Working at heights is eliminated.
  • Safe working operations.
  • Ideal for CCTV, floodlighting and telecommunications.

Lighting Column winch

  • Manual handling is reduced to raise and lower column.
  • Lightweight winch operations.
  • Double fail safe systems are located internally and externally.

Lighting Column Hinge

  • On site assembly can be done if access to area by transport is not permitted.
  • 3 bolt assembly.

Flange Lighting Column

  • Three door choices can be an option on request:
  • Flush door (single/double lock).
  • Flush hinge door (double lock).
  • Standard lift off door (single/double lock).