Aluminium Lighting Columns

Raise & lower columns also available


Aluminium Columns

We offer a full range of Aluminium lighting columns all uniquely extruded and conical in shape, available in a selection of size options from 2m – 15m. The range is available as passively safe or hinged columns and with flange plate or cranked root base to suit bespoke requirements. 

Furthermore, Mallatite can offer a comprehensive range of Aluminium columns which are fully compliant with BSEN40:2002 and with the passively safe testing regulations as outlined in BS EN12767 (HE, NE & LE). 

Features of the range:

  • Manufactured from 6000 series aluminium alloy.
  • Integral bracket or post top applications - For post top applications, a spigot or tapered finish of 76mm or 120mm is provided
  • Thermoplastic anti-corrosion root treatment applied internally and externally.
  • Fitted with expanded inner tube (Type 5) door reinforcement
  • Flush fitted, interchangeable door with twin lock to ensure maximum protection.
  • Columns supplied in a brushed finish.
  • Mitred anti-rotation spigot as standard.
  • Industry leading laser profile interchangeable doors.

Passive Safety

BS EN12767 specifies the performance requirements for passively safe support structures for permanent road equipment. 

There are three categories of passively safe lighting column structures:

High Energy (HE)

The vehicle is significantly arrested or slowed on impact.

Low Energy (LE)

The vehicle loses considerable speed on impact.

No Energy (NE)

The vehicle loses minimal speed on impact.

Aluminium Lighting Columns conforming to; 100-HE | 100LE2 | 100NE2

Dependant on the site and customer requirement, we offer a complete range of passively safe aluminium lighting columns





100km/ph test on an Aluminium Lighting Column (Type 1) according to BS EN12767:2007 100-HE 

Test Details:

  • Lighting column was 12.0m above ground level
  • Vehicle used was Suzuki Swift with a hybrid III 50 percentile driver test dummy
  • Frontal impact with impact angle of 20°
  • Independently tested at TASS International in Helmond in May 2018.
    (Lab test No F18160703).


Test Results:

  • The Lighting column deformed at impact point with the luminaire becoming partly detached from the column.
  • The vehicle together with the column continued to move forward while the under part of the part of the lighting column bended over the vehicle.
  • The distance from impact point to the vehicle end position after the test was approximately 21.7m



According to BS EN12767:2007

- 5.2.1 the test item behaved in a manner predicted by the manufacturer.

- the test item or any detached elements did not penetrate the occupant compartment. The windscreen was not fractured and not penetrated.