Merlin Traffic Bollard

Retro-reflective Self Righting Bollard

Merlin Traffic Bollard


The Merlin is the future proof replacement for traditional traffic bollards. Illuminated by a base light or fully retro-reflective, the Merlin will rebound to an upright position following an impact




  • Internally illuminated & retro-reective

  • All round 360° visibility

  • Impact tested

  • BS EN 12899 &  BS 8442: 2015 compliant
  • 100% Recyclable shell
  • Compatible with any standard base light, socket or ground anchor *


The Merlin is the ultimate solution for now and the future. Constructed from a translucent polymer the Merlin and can be internally illuminated, then if the location and regulations allow the site to be de-illuminated, power to the baselight is simply switched o and the Merlin is fully compliant and retro-reflective.




Passively safe


The Merlin is a Self Righting Bollard (SRB), and has been tested in line with industry standards to ensure it will ex under impact, and then rebound to an upright position. This minimises both the likelihood of injury, vehicle damage or the need to replace the bollard following an impact.



Installation options


The Merlin works best when base lit using our 6 LED 500mA Superior base light, and for non-illuminated sites the Merlin can be installed using our foundation cage, NAL socket, or retrot to any redundant base light.





The Merlin is very low maintenance. All surfaces of the bollard can easily be cleaned with a mix of mild detergent and water. Regular inspection and cleaning schedule is recommended to ensure optimum performance. 

Merlin bollard led base light conversion
Merlin Bollard Foundation Cage


Light levels:


Mean illuminance: L1

Uniformity of illuminance: U3

When base lit using the Superior LED base light.