We Manufacture Traffic Signposts and Deliver Nationwide

Steel Straight Posts, Wide Based Posts, Large Base Posts and Jerol Passive Posts

Signposts - Straight, Large Base + Jerol Passive

Steel Straight Post

Cranked Post

Cantilever Straight Post

Large Base Cranked Post

We manufacture a full range of sign posts and structures suitable for a wide variety of highway applications. We are fully registered to BS EN ISO 9001 and our fabricators and welding procedures are independently certified to BS EN 287 and BS EN ISO 15614-1. All posts are manufactured to EN12899 and Mallatite is fully registered to National Highway Sector Scheme 6.

Traffic Signal Post

Pedestrian Post

Refuge Post

Flange Plate

Jerol Passive PolesPassively Safe Signposts and Signal Poles

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Large Base Post

Shaft Diameter Base Diameter
76 mm 140 mm
89 mm 168 mm
114 mm 194 mm
140 mm
Planting Depth Door Options
800 mm 500 mm x 110 mm
*Other options availible

Cantilever Traffic Sign

Signpost Data

Signature Traffic SignpostCorrosion Protection

  • A variety of protective and finishes are available including:

Plastic Coating

  • PPA coatings.
  • All coatings can be supplied in a range of colour options.


  • All our galvanizing is undertaken by specialist companies.
    All are approved to BS EN ISO 1461.


  • A range of paint finishes is available all applied by in house by our skilled operatives.

Finishes available include:

Vinyl primer/sealers – Single pack Life 15 years. Available in MIO or Glass Reinforced options.
Acrylics – Twin Pack Life 20 years+ Very durable. Available in High Build options.
Poly Siloxane finishes – Twin Pack Extended life expectancy 25 years.High solids content.