Central Shell Traffic Bollard

Internally illuminated via any based light

Traditional Shell - Base Illuminated Traffic Bollards

Our range of traditional traffic bollards are manufactured using a translucent flexible polymer designed to be internally illuminated by any industry standard base light.


Internally illuminated

Fully translucent

UV stable + easy clean

100 % Recyclable shell

Fit any standard base light

BS EN 12899 compliant

Central Shell Bollard

  • Multi aspect (up to 4 sign faces)
  • Mold in graphics guaranteed for 10 years against peeling or fading
  • 4 retro-reflective disks applied to the recesses around each sign face


Central bollard spec

Island Shell Bollard

  • Single aspect
  • 2 retro-reflective disks applied to the recesses below the sign face
  • Available for non-lit bases in retro-reflective material (10 year guarantee)

Island traffic bollard

Island bollard