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Accessible lighting columns

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Aluminium Conical Lighting Columns

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Accessible lighting columns, foundations and energy saving lanterns


The UK's premiere manufacturer and distributor of all types of lighting column

Steel and aluminium, standard and decorative lighting columns with nationwide delivery

All columns are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with EN 40 and, where specified, to appropriate BD and Highways Agency specifications. We are sustaining member of the LCTF and also fully registered to National Highway Sector Scheme 6.

Our standard columns range from 3m to 15m nominal height. Higher and non-standard columns can be designed and manufactured to special order. All our columns can be used for post top or bracket arm applications, plus we also supply a range of integral bracket arm arrangements

We supply:

  • Steel Conical, Octagonal and Tubular Columns
  • Aluminium Conical and Octagonal Columns
  • Passively Safe Columns
  • Hockey Style Steel Columns
  • Root Mounted Columns
  • Flange Plated Columns
  • Hinged Columns
  • Pedestrian Crossing Posts
  • Full Design Service
  • Brackets and Adaptors
  • Doors and Locks
  • Cutouts
  • Foundation Cradles and cranked roots

Aluminium conical columns

Aluminium opens up the possibilities for architects with its sleek lines and corrosion resistant finish. And last but not least, this environmentally friendly material can be 100% recycled at the end of its service life.

Tubular steel column lighting

Our steel lighting columns are available is a variety of sizes from 5 to 15 metres, with a range of diameters and thicknesses, depending on your design criteria. We also offer a bespoke design service to tailor lighting columns to your specific project and complete design check certification is available for all our products.


Our commitment is to you our customer, and by meeting your needs we are confident that together we can give the public a safe, technically advanced and superior product.

Accessible hinged raise and lower columns

The need for raising and lowering columns is increasing due to worsening traffic congestion and limited access to installations both of which makes the use of 'cherry pickers' either impractical or impossible.

We manufacture a Mid Hinge or a Baseflex column, which is currently offered from 4m to 8m is unique in style, and is very flexible in operation and transportation when the integral trolley wheel is deployed. Operation is safe and simple with the use of the mobile and portable foot pedal tool which can also be utilised as a tool trolley.

Base Flex Accessible Columns

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Fusion bonded thermo plastic coating

Our industry leading thermoplastic (PPA) anti corrosion coating line at our Chesterfield production facility enables us to efficiently protect and finish our post sea columns in a variety of standard and bespoke colours. This unique fusion-bonded coating line provides customers with a factory applied long term corrosion protection that has been adopted by several PFI contracts currently being installed in the UK.