We offer a full range of illuminated and non-illuminated traffic bollards

Retroreflective - Base Lit LED - RSRB - Solar LED Sign Face

Fully TSRGD compliant Road Traffic Signs

CE Marked and fully compliant with a wide range of signposts, clips and accessories

TransCalm - Speed Responsive Road Hump

The UK's 1st road hump that can alter it's firmness based on the velocity of the vehicle driving over it


Here at Mallatite we have a comprehensive range of traffic products to suit every application. All our products comply with the mandatory British Standards and we also work with various government and industry bodies to make sure our products are second to none.

Base Lights

Pedestrian Equipment

  • LED StayFast Belisha Beacon (Coming Soon)
  • ZebraSafe Pedestrian Crossing (Coming Soon)
  • CentreSafe Pedestrian Refuge (Coming Soon)
  • LED Pedestrian Crossing Lantern
  • LED Twin Amber Flasher Unit (Coming Soon)

Traffic Calming

Cycle Way and Path Marking