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Retroreflective Self Righting Traffic Bollard

our most competitive traffic bollard

DuraFlex - Retroreflective Self Righting Traffic Bollard

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DuraFlex a durable and passively safe traffic bollard that will rapidly return to a vertical stance following an impact

The DuraFlex is the latest addition to the Mallatite traffic bollard range. This new bollard has been engineered to produce similar results to the highly successful TrueFlex RSRB, delivering reliable performance at a highly competitive price point.

  • All round 360° visibility
  • Single or twin aspect
  • Impact tested
  • BS 8442:2015 compliant
  • 100 % Recyclable shell
  • Compatible with any standard base light, socket or ground anchor

reboundable_retroreflective traffic bollard

Passively safe:

The DuraFlex is a Self Righting Bollard (SRB), and has been tested in line with industry standards to ensure it will flex under impact, and then rebound to an upright position. This minimises both the likelihood of injury or vehicle damage as well as the need to replace the bollard following an impact.

Installation options:

The DuraFlex is easy to install using our foundation cage, NAL socket, or can be retro-fitted to any redundant base light.




The DuraFlex is very low maintenance. As with all retro-reflective traffic products it is important that the reflective material be clean and free from damage. The surface of the DuraFlex can easily cleaned with water mixed with a mild detergent.
Regular inspection and cleaning schedule is recommended to ensure optimum performance.

What DuraFlex Traffic Bollard

Also available in white:

As standard, the DuraFlex is manufactured from a black polymer, however you can have a white one if you prefer. Just ask our sales team when you enquire about our new white DuraFlex Traffic Bollard.